IEEE International Technology Management Conference (ITMC) - 2018

June 27-30, 2018     Hilton Hotel     San Jose, CA USA

ITMC 2018: Program

We are pleased to present you with a PDF of our Advance Program. It covers the pre-conference Short Courses on Monday, June 27th (don't miss these!) Finally, for those who would rather mail or FAX in their registrations, there is a one-sheet Registration Form.

Shown below is the detailed Advance Program, as of June 3, 2018. Use CNTL-F to locate a specific paper or author.

Tuesday, June 28, 2018
8:00    Plenary Session - Introductions, Two Keynote Talks
8:25    Video keynote talk: Managing Technology in Challenging Times
Dr. Geoffrey Moore,   Silicon Valley author
9:00    Keynote talk: Learning from the Follies of the Venture Capital Process
Dr. Milton Chang,   Incubic Management
10:20    Session A1 - Venture Capital, Institutional Environment and Entrepreneurship
10:20    Session A1 - Venture Capital and New Venture Growth: A Comparative Study Between India and China
Fang-cheng Tang and Ru-qing Wei
School of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing , China
10:40    Session A1 - Venture Capital Funding of Asian Entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley: A Longitudinal Analysis
Poh Kam WONG,  Yuen Ping HO,  Annette SINGH
NUS Entreprenueurship Centre, National University of Singapore
11:00    Session A1 - Effectiveness of Technology-Based Hedge Fund Strategies on Venture Capital Fund Returns
Steven Formaneck
American University in Cairo
11:20    Session A1 - R&D; Continuity of Biotech Start-ups under Global Financial Crisis
Takao Fujiwara
Toyohashi University of Technology
11:40    Session A1 - Entrepreneurs’ Response to Failure in Early Stage Technology Ventures: A Comparative Study.
Keith Cotterill
University of Cambridge
12:00    Session A1 - Bringing Entrepreneurial Ideas to Life
Charles Eesley1,  David Hsu2,  Edward Roberts3
1Stanford, 2Wharton, 3MIT
10:20    Session A2 - Adapting to Changing Management & Career Paths
10:20    Session A2 - Managerial Career Learning in Engineering: An Integrated Approach
Quey-Jen Yeh1 and Tai-Ping Chang2
1National Cheng-Kung University, 2National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology
10:40    Session A2 - The Challenge of Career Path Uncertainty for Internal Corporate Ventures
Gordon Adomdza,  Mathew Allen,  Marc Meyer
Northeastern University
11:00    Session A2 - The Role of Technology Agility on Business Processes and Organizational Agilities
Denise Dunlap-Hinkler1,  Ronaldo Parente2,  Tucker Marion1,  John Friar1
1Northeastern, 2Rutgers
11:20    Session A2 - A Collaborative Engineering Manager Training and Certification Program
Benjamin Dow and William Daughton
Missouri University of Science & Technology
11:40    Session A2 - Stretching Role Breadth: Overachieving IT Managers in Underperforming IT Organizations
Linda Pittenger,  Dick Boland,  Sheri Perelli
Case Western Reserve University
12:00    Session A2 - Can Agency Theory Disclose Organizational Commitment? Exploring Employees and Agency Workers
Pei-Chen Chen and Shih-Chieh Fang
National Cheng Kung University
10:20    Session A3 - Managing Innovation
10:20    Session A3 - Researching the 'Forgotten Sector': Low and Medium Tech (LMT) Innovation - Present Light on Future Trends
Muhammad Nouman,  Lorraine Warren,  Stephen Rhys Thomas
University of Southampton
10:40    Session A3 - Innovation in e-Business Models: a Net-Enabled Business Innovation Cycle (NEBIC) Theory Perspective with Empirical Evidence
Abdullah Basiouni and Rod McNaughton
University of Waterloo
11:00    Session A3 - Challenges in Managing Diffusion of Telemedicine Technology in South Africa
Michael Kachieng'a
University of Pretoria, South Africa
11:20    Session A3 - Research on the Mechanism of Building Total Innovation Management System via Information and Communication Technology: Case Studies in the Context of China
Qingrui Xu1,  Lu Jin2,  Liang Mei2
1Research Center for Innovation and development, Zhejiang University, 2School of Management, Zhejiang University
11:40    Session A3 - Integrating User Perception and Experience into the Technology Acceptance Model: An Empirical Investigation of Online Payment Service Innovation
Chyi Jaw1,  Oliver S. Yu2,  Kenneth C. Gehrt2
1National Yunlin University of Science & Technology, 2San Jose State University
12:00    Session A3 - Technology Commercialization Factors, Frameworks and Models
Joe Amadi-Echendu1 and Ricky Rasetlola2
1Graduate School of Technology Management, Univ of Pretoria, 2Graduate School of Technology Management, University of Pretoria
13:20    Session B1 - R&D; Mangement I
13:20    Session B1 - A Comparison of International R&D; Strategies of Chinese Companies in Europe and the U.S.
Jieyin Zhang1,  Alberto Di Minin2,  Xiaohong (Iris) Quan3
1Zhejiang Institute of Scientific and Technological Information; the Main (Management ed Innovazione) laboratory, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, 2the Main (Management ed Innovazione) laboratory, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, 3the Department of Organization and Management, College of Business, San Jose State University
13:40    Session B1 - Key Drivers of Organizational Performance in Times of Crisis
Wei-Tsong Wang
National Cheng Kung University
14:00    Session B1 - On Global Diffusion of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Research: An Extensive Quantitative Analysis of IEEE Publications (1980–2008)
Nobuyuki Shirakawa,  Takao Furukawa,  Minoru Nomura,  Kumi Okuwada
National Institute of Science and Technology Policy (NISTEP)
14:20    Session B1 - Comparing Organizational Structure and Design in Canadian & Russian Enterprises Based in P.R. of China (Specialized in Hi-tech and Nano-technologies)
Denis Pedyash1,  Chunsheng Shi1,  Olesya Shulgina2,  Xiaoli Meng3,  Eduard Dushenko4
1Harbin Institute of Technology, 2Amur State University, 3Harbin Institute of Techology, 4International Engineering Design Studio
14:40    Session B1 - An Insight into R&D; Collaborations
Muhammad Fiaz1,  Prof. , Yang Naiding1,  Muhammad Rizwan2
1Northwestern Polytechnical University,Xi'an, China, 2
13:20    Session B2 - Information Technology and Systems Sustainability
13:20    Session B2 - Impact of Sustainability on Integration and Interoperability between BIM and ERP – A Governance Framework
Saumyendu Ghosh1,  Sam Negahban2,  Young Hoon Kwak3,  Miroslaw J. Skibniewski1
1University of Maryland, 2Brawner Builders, Inc., 3George Washington University
13:40    Session B2 - The Formation Mechanism of IT-Driven Emerging Industries: A Perspective of Generalized Ecological Community
Weihui Dai1,  Ni Xu2,  Genghui Dai3,  Hongkun Song1
1School of Management, Fudan University, 2Delphi Shanghai Dynamics & Propulsion Systems Co., Ltd, 3School of Marine Sciences, Sun Yat-Sen University
14:00    Session B2 - Application of Systems Engineering Methodologies to Transitions to Sustainable Technologies: an Architecture Framework Supporting Management of Portfolios of Sustainable Technology Transition Projects
Kim Davis,  Thomas Mazzuchi,  Shahram Sarkani
George Washington University
14:20    Session B2 - A Smart Phone Hosted, Low Powered and Eco-Friendly E-Commerce System
Shuchih Ernest Chang,  Yu-Teng Jang,  Ming-Hsuan Tsai
National Chung Hsing University
14:40    Session B2 - A Fuzzy Expert System for Elemental Life Cycle Estimate
Nannan Wang
Shandong University
13:20    Session B3 - Improving Innovation Productivity
13:20    Session B3 - Technology and the Growth of the Manufacturing Firm
Steven Formaneck
American University in Cairo
13:40    Session B3 - Efficiency and Advantage of Government-sponsored R&D; Projects: An Inter-industry Comparison
Chao-Chih Hsueh1 and Fang-Ming Hsu2
1National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, Graduate Institute of Managemnet of Innovation and Technology, 2National Dong Hwa University, Department of Information Management
14:00    Session B3 - Factors Affecting Improved Innovation Output in Service Sector Firms
Christopher McGrath and Jennifer Percival
University of Ontario Institute of Technology
14:20    Session B3 - The Co-Evolution Effects of Technological Capabilities and Business Configuration on Technological Trajectory
Yi-Chia chiu1 and Tai-Yu Lee2
1National Chengchi University, 2National Chung Hsing University
14:40    Session B3 - Introducing Innovations into Serbian Companies Organizational Culture: Questionnaire and EFA as Tools for Researching Employees’ Assumptions
Mladen Pecujlija,  Ilija Cosić,  Zoran Delic
University of Novi Sad
13:00    Session B4 - Dialog Session
13:00    Session B4 - When to Commit to a Prior Technological Entry: A Multi-theoretical View on Follow-up Patenting
Hsueh-Liang Wu1,  Cheng-Yu Lee2,  Jung-Ching Lin1
1National Taiwan University, 2Southern Taiwan University
13:00    Session B4 - Software and Information Technology Project Management: No More Superficial Management!
Noureddine Abbadeni
King SAUD University
13:00    Session B4 - Switching Online Channel Brand to Offline Channel Brand
Shui-Lien Chen1,  Wei-Ting Lu1,  Yung-Hsin Lee2,  Chun-Yang Lo1
1Graduate Institute of Management Sciences, Tamkang University, Taiwan, 2Graduate Institute of Finance, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
13:00    Session B4 - Governance Structure and Transaction Cost: Case Study on the Procurement of Wheat Flour
Rosangela Vanalle and Paulo Menita
Nove de Julho University
13:00    Session B4 - Local Governance in Industrial Clusters: Pproposal of a Management Model and a Self-assessment Tool
Rafael Henrique Palma Lima and Luiz Cesar Ribeiro Carpinetti
University of Sao Paulo
13:00    Session B4 - A Comparative Investigation on IT Improvement Opportunities between Korea and Thailand: A Critical Study Based on United Nations’ E-Government Indexes
Joong Mook Choi
Assumption University
13:00    Session B4 - Fertilizer Production by Biodegrading Lignocelluloses and Process Design
Weizun Li,  Meiting Ju,  Yannan Wang,  Tie-Long Li,  Le Liu,  Er-Fu Guo
Nankai University
13:00    Session B4 - Selection of End user in Supply Chain Network using Fuzzy–Pareto Approach
Jinesh Kumar Jain1,  Govind Sharan Dangayach1,  Gopal Agarwal1,  Soumya Banerjee2,  Partho Dey3
1Department of Mechanical Engineering, Malaviya National Institute Technology, Jaipur (India), 2Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, India, 3Department of Production Engineering, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra India
13:00    Session B4 - Research on Microelectronics Outsourcing
Viraj Pandit1 and Surabhi Patwardhan2
1Novellus Systems Inc., 2University of Houston
13:00    Session B4 - Economic and Educational Perspective on Outsourcing/Offshoring Microelectronics in India
Viraj Pandit
Novellus Systems Inc.
13:00    Session B4 - Job Performance of Subcontractor Workers in the Construction Industry
Ying-Hua Huang1 and Kuo-Wei Lu2
1National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, 2University of Science and Technology
15:20    Session C1 - R&D; Mangement II
15:20    Session C1 - Comparative Study of University Technology Transfer between Germany and China
Shuiyuan Tang1,  Jiping Lu1,  Harald Kunz2,  Jianhua Zuo1,  Zhonghua Jian3
1Beijing Institute of Technology, 2Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus, 3China North Industries Group Corporation
15:40    Session C1 - Managing Innovation Practices of SMEs in the Caribbean: An Exploratory Study
Ambika Koonj Beharry and Kit Fai Pun
The University of the West Indies
16:00    Session C1 - Energy Related Outsourcing: The Case of ESCOs in the Swedish Pulp and Paper Industry
Patrik Thollander and Mikael Ottosson
Linkoping University
16:20    Session C1 - A Case Study on the Road to IP Telephony: A Company’s Strategic Decision to Move Toward the Next-Generation Network
Mohammed Bakhashwain
University of Southern California
16:40    Session C1 - Option-Games Analysis on Software Clusters in China
Yuhua Hu and Takao Fujiwara
Toyohashi University of Technology
15:20    Session C2 - Innovative Business Models
15:20    Session C2 - Inclusive Growth through Resource Integration to Serve the High End Market
Xudong Gao,  Yunhuan Tong,  Liping Zhang,  Jianghua Zhou,  Xi Shao
Tsinghua University
15:40    Session C2 - Modeling Credit Risk for Innovative Firms: The Role of Innovation Measures
Chiara Pederzoli1,  Grid Thoma2,  Costanza Torricelli3
1University Milano-Bicocca, 2University of Camerino, 3University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
16:00    Session C2 - Patent Valuation for Innovative Business Models in Start-up Companies and University Spin-offs
Paul Pöltner1,  Thomas Schwingenschlögl2,  Andreas Gotwald3,  Thomas Grechenig1,  Martina Pöll1
1Vienna University of Technology, 2IMMOFINANZ AG, 3TPA Horwath European & Technology Consultants GmbH
16:20    Session C2 - Exploring the Formation Management of Two-Sided Platforms
Thomas Bohné
The University of Auckland Business School
16:40    Session C2 - Commercial Communications Satellites - A Unique Business Model for Space Programs
Larry Wray,  Gerrit Van Ommering,  Brian Kosinski
Space Systems/Loral
15:20    Session C3 - Information Networks
15:20    Session C3 - Knowledge Assimilation in R&D; Alliance: The Effectiveness of Firms' Internal and External Capabilities
Ming-Chao Wang1 and Cheng-Yu Lee2
1National Cheng Kung University, 2Southern Taiwan University
15:40    Session C3 - Accumulation of Knowledge Capabilities: The Perspective of Knowledge-based View and Network Theory
Ming-Chao Wang and Shih-Chieh Fang
National Cheng Kung University
16:00    Session C3 - Knowledge Network and Innovation Activities by MNC Subsidiaries: The Effects of Internal and External Knowledge Resources
Feng Liang1 and Dean Xu2
1Rutgers University, 2China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)
16:20    Session C3 - The Required Intensity and Media-richness of Communication among Strategic Partners in New Product Development Projects
Yuosre Badir and Barbara Igel
Asian Institute of Technology
16:40    Session C3 - Management of Information Flow in Innovation Networks
Avi Messica
The College of Management (Israel)
Wednesday, June 29, 2018
8:40    Session D1 - Globalization R&D;
8:40    Session D1 - Understanding Organizational Capabilities for Effective Offshoring
Petra Edoff and Jayakanth Srinivasan
Malardalen University
9:00    Session D1 - A Customized Joint-Venture Industrial R&D; Centre
Hamideh Razavi
Ferdowsi University of Mashhad
9:20    Session D1 - Optimizing Financial Parameters to Disincentivise International Grey Traffic and Rationalization of Measures to Curb Illegal International Telephony in Pakistan
Muhammad Choudhary1 and Aftab Hina2
1University of Engineering & Technology, Taxila, Pakistan., 2National University of Science & Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan.
9:40    Session D1 - From Outsourcing To Cloud Computing: Evolution of IT Services
Subhankar Dhar
San Jose State University
10:00    Session D1 - Principles and Business Improvement Initiatives of Lean Relates to Environmental Management System
A.P. Puvanasvaran, Robert S.T. Kerk, M.R. Muhamad
Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka
8:40    Session D2 - Faciliting Collaboration
8:40    Session D2 - Evolution of the Corporate Venture Capital Operations of Japanese Electronics Companies
Katsuya Hasegawa
The University of Tokyo
9:00    Session D2 - Factors that Drive Success in Collaborative Product Development
Sanjay Mathrani1,  Anuradha Mathrani1,  Cathy Liu2
1Massey University, 2Navico Auckland Limited
9:40    Session D2 - Taxonomy of Technology Roadmaps in Service Areas
Chanwoo Cho and Sungjoo Lee
Ajou University
9:40    Session D2 - An Analysis Model for Health Information Technology Adoption
Nima Behkami1,2 and Tugrul Daim2
1Oregon Health & Science University, 2Portland State University
9:40    Session D2 - Role of Lead Market Factors in Globalization of Innovation: Emerging Evidence from India & its Implications
Rajnish Tiwari and Cornelius Herstatt
Hamburg University of Technology
8:40    Session D3 - Risk Management in Supply Chains
8:40    Session D3 - Evaluating Process Capability under Undetected Fluctuations
Yu-Ting Tai
Kainan University
9:00    Session D3 - Managing the Risks of Outsourcing in Supply Chain Networks
Ka Man Lee,  Yu Ching Yeung,  William Hong
Nanyang Technological University
9:20    Session D3 - System Dynamic Methodological Approach for Design and Analysis of Risk in Supply Chain
Atul Sidola,  Pradeep Kumar,  Dinesh Kumar
Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Roorkee, Uttarakhand, INDIA, 247 667
9:40    Session D3 - Towards An Approach for Measuring the Risk-Bearing Capacity of Construction Contracts
Chen-Yu Chang
University College London
10:00    Session D3 - Assessing Security Risk in Global Supply Chains
Mary Meixell and Mario Norbis
Quinnipiac University
8:40    Session D4 - HR Management of Innovation
8:40    Session D4 - Technology and Human Resource Management Methodology in "Kaikaku" (Corporate Innovation) Program
Kumiko Shirai1,  Ichiro Koshijima2,  Tomio Umeda3
1Nihon Unisys, Ltd., 2Nagoya Institute of Technology, 3Chiba Institute of Technology
9:00    Session D4 - How Contract Manufacturers Compete with Their Clients: A Case Study of Innovation Capability Reconfiguration
Ting-Kuei Kuo
Natioanl Taiwan University of Science & Technology
9:20    Session D4 - Perception of Innovation in Companies: Measuring the Mindset of Tangible and Intangible Innovation in Companies
Emma Lindberg1,  Josef Ekman1,  Johan Andersson1,  Filip Bengtsson1,  Cecilia Waldehorn1,  Fredrik Nilsson2
1Technology Management, Lund University, 2Packaging Logistics, Lund University
9:40    Session D4 - Why to Study the Emotions from Text Documents in an Enterprise? A New Face of Innovation and Collaboration in Technology Management
Asha Karuppayil1 and Devi Thirupathi2
1RV College of Engineering, 2Bharathiar University
10:00    Session D4 - Managing IT Innovation: Recessionary Service and Staffing Model Perspectives
Joseph M. Woodside
KePRO / Cleveland State University
10:40    Session E1 - Energy and Climate Change Innovation
10:40    Session E1 - The Path Towards Low-Carbon Governance for China
Nannan Wang,  Yen-Chiang Chang,  Ronggui Ding,  Peipei Li,  Zihui Ling
Shandong University
11:00    Session E1 - A Study on Bicycles Promotion for Reductions in CO2 Emissions
HongJoo Lee,  Tai-Woo Chang,  Hyunsoo Kim
Kyonggi University
11:20    Session E1 - The Policy Impact on Clean Technology Diffusion
Yi-Tui Chen1,  Dong-Shang Chang2,  Chia-Yon Chen3
1Department of Health Care Management, National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences, 2Department of Business Administration, National Central University, 3Department of Resources Engineering, National Cheng Kung University
11:40    Session E1 - Understanding Corporate Foreign Investment in Construction from Knowledge Sharing Perspective
Jieh-Haur Chen1 and Yu-Hui Fang2
1National Central University, 2Tamkang University
12:00    Session E1 - Energy Security Innovation at Industrial and Military Installations: A Multicriteria Analysis with Regulatory, Environmental, Economic, and other Emergent Conditions
James Lambert1,  Christopher Karvetski1,  Michelle Hamilton1,  Igor Linkov2,  Tarek Abdallah2,  Melanie Johnson2,  Renae Ditmer3,  Jeffrey Keisler4
1University of Virginia, 2US Army Corps of Engineers, 3STRATCON LLC, 4University of Massachusetts Boston
10:40    Session E2 - Partnering for Innovation
10:40    Session E2 - The Effects of a Focal Firm’s Internal and External Boundary Conditions on the Performance Implication of R&D; Alliance Participation
Cheng-Yu Lee1,  Ming-Chao Wang2,  Jung-Ching Lin3
1Southern Taiwan University, 2National Cheng Kung University, 3National Taiwan University
11:00    Session E2 - The Absorptive Capacity for Complex, Science-based Innovation: The Case of Bio-pharmaceuticals
Danielle Dunne1 and Deborah Dougherty2
1Fordham University, 2Rutgers University
11:20    Session E2 - Do Co-Publications with Industry Lead to Higher Levels of University Technology Commercialization Activity?
Poh-Kam Wong and Annette Singh
NUS Entreprenueurship Centre, National University of Singapore
11:40    Session E2 - Absorptive Capacity for Radical Innovation: A Case Study in the Semiconductor Industry
Pascal Le Masson1,  Patrick Cogez2,  Yacine Felk2,  Benoît Weil1
1MINES ParisTech, 2STMicroelectronics
12:00    Session E2 - The Challenge of University Startups in the USA: A Lesson from Successful Cases
Paul Swamidass
Auburn University
10:40    Session E3 - Outsourcing Issues in Global Supply Chains
10:40    Session E3 - Monte Carlo Simulation Based Estimations: Case from a Global Outsourcing Company
Jyotirmoy Dasgupta1,  G. Sahoo2,  R.P. Mohanty3
1Member IEEE, Member IEEE Computer Society, Patni Computer Systems Limited, Mumbai, India, 2Birla Institute of Technology, 3ITM Group of Institutions
11:00    Session E3 - Applicability of the UTAUT Model in Playing Online Game through Mobile Phones: Moderating Effects of User Experience
Shui-Lien Chen1,  Chi-Jung Kuan1,  Yung-Hsin Lee2,  Hsiang-Ling Huang1
1Graduate Institute of Management Sciences, Tamkang University, Taiwan, 2Graduate Institute of Finance, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
11:20    Session E3 - The Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN): Technology and Standards Improving Supply Chain Efficiency
Sean Lockhead
11:40    Session E3 - Relationship between Country of Origin, Brand Experience and Brand Equity: The Moderating Effect of Automobile Country
Shui-Lien Chen1,  Yi-Jing Wu1,  Wei-Chun Chen2
1Graduate Institute of Management Sciences, Tamkang University, Taiwan, 2Graduate Institute of Department of Business Administration, Ming Chuan University, Taiwan
12:00    Session E3 - Hands-off the Mess: Contract Choice for Business Process Outsourcing
Ling Ge
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
10:40    Session E4 - Management of Knowledge Creation
10:40    Session E4 - Strategic Management of Scrum Projects: An Organizational Learning Perspective
Rafael Landaeta1,  Stacia Viscardi2,  Andreas Tolk1
1Old Dominion University, 2Agile Evolution, Inc.
11:00    Session E4 - Management System for Multidisciplinary University Research Institutes
Simon Philbin
Imperial College London
11:20    Session E4 - Innovation Management in Subsidiaries of Multinational Corporations in the Brazilian Electro-Electronic Industry.
Muriel Gavira1 and Ruy Quadros2
1School Of Applied Science, University of Campinas (UNICAMP), SP, Brazil. Center for Administration and Public Policies, School of Social and Political Sciences, Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal., 2Scientific and Technological Politics Dept., University of Campinas, Campinas, SP, Brazil
11:40    Session E4 - A Pseudo-Psychological Inquiry on Research Personnel Management in the United States
Karthik Mahesh Varadarajan
TU Vienna
12:00    Session E4 - Technical and Contextual Challenges in Developing Advanced Medicinal Products: the Example of Cytotherapeutic Development
Carol Walton and Paul Heffernan
University of Cambridge, Engineering Department, Institute for Manufacturing, Cambridge, UK
13.20    Session F1 - Sustainability Management and Policy
13:20    Session F1 - Geometric Scaling and Long-Run Reductions in Cost: The Case of Wind Turbines
Srikanth Narasimalu and Jeffrey Funk
National University of Singapore
13:40    Session F1 - Material Adoption Practices of Wind Industry and its Effect on Product Scaling Trends
Srikanth Narasimalu
Nanyang Technological University
14:00    Session F1 - Initial Development of a Metrics Framework for Green Competitiveness
Jerry J.R. Ou1,  JrJung Lyu2,  Chia-Wen Chen2
1Bureau of Energy, 2National Cheng Kung University
14:20    Session F1 - A New Method for Maritime Traffic Safety Index Appraisal
Rajesh Prabhu Gaonkar1,  Min Xie1,  Anil Kumar Varma2
1National University of Singapore, 2Singapore Maritime Academy
14:40    Session F1 - Practicing Sustainability in PFI Project Management
Nannan Wang1,  Ronggui Ding1,  Milan Radosavljevic2,  Hua Sun1
1Shandong University, 2University of Reading
13.20    Session F2 - Intellectual Property
13:20    Session F2 - The Determinants of Patent value: An Empirical Research Based on the Patents Getting China Patent Award
REN shengce1 and YOU jianxin2
1Shanghai Maritime University,Tongji University, 2Tongji University
13:40    Session F2 - Exploring an Essential Patent through a GTM-based Standard Map
Seonkoo Jeong and Byungun Yoon
Dongguk University
14:00    Session F2 - Technology Roadmapping Based on Patent Citation Network Considering Technology Life Cycle
Yujin Jeong and Byungun Yoon
Dongguk University
14:20    Session F2 - Do University Patents Have an Impact on the Local Innovative Activities? Evidence from a Large Panel of Regions from the OECD Countries
Grid Thoma1 and Dominique Guellec2
1University of Camerino, 2
14:40    Session F2 - Does Pro-patent Policy Spur Innovation?: A case of Software Industry in Japan
Kazuyuki Motohashi and Masayo Kani
University of Tokyo
13.20    Session F3 - Purchasing and Supply Management Issues
13:20    Session F3 - Identifying Purchasing Competences and Organizational Configuration for Innovative Product Development
Linda Zhang
University of Groningen
13:40    Session F3 - Headquarter-Centered Common Sourcing Management: Order Coordination and Order Consolidation
Ting ZHANG and George.Q HUANG
The University of Hong Kong
14:00    Session F3 - Supplier Selection in Webinar Supply Chain Using Self-organizing Maps and Data Mining
Roya Hosseini,  Nahid Ghassabzadeh Saryazdi,  Sayyed Alireza Hashemi Golpayegani
Computer & Information Technology Engineering Department-Amirkabir University of Technology
14:20    Session F3 - Dynamic and Adaptive Price Quotation in a Make-to-order Company
Jian Zhang1,  Barrie R. Nault2,  Yiliu Tu1
1Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, University of Calgary, 2Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary
14:40    Session F3 - Diversification Strategies in Emerging Industries: A Supply Network Perspective
David Kirkwood and Jagjit Srai
University of Cambridge
13.20    Session F4 - Optimizing Knowledge Management in Changing Organizations
13:20    Session F4 - Engineering Problem Solving and Knowledge Creation: An Epistemological Perspective
Rachel Itabashi-Campbell,  Sheri Perelli,  Julia Gluesing
Wayne State University
13:40    Session F4 - From Belonging to Technology Diffusion: A Critical Role of Perceived Organizational Support
Sheng-Tsung Hou1 and Hsueh-Liang Fan2
1Graduate Institute of Management of Technology, Feng Chia University, 2Institute of Technology and Innovation Management, National Chengchi University
14:00    Session F4 - The Impact on Project Success of Using Technology in Modern Project Planning and Control
Svein-Arne Jessen
Norwegian School of Management - BI
14:20    Session F4 - Strategy and Technology Management: An Innovation-Leader Case Study
Bill Williams1 and José Figueiredo2
1ESTBarreiro, Setubal Polytechnic Institute and CEG-IST, Lisbon, 2CEG-IST and IST, UTL, Lisbon
14:40    Session F4 - Electronic Management Systems: Efficient Tools and Inefficient Implementation Processes
Josefin Ejlertsson,  Emelie Gustafsson,  Henrik Hagman,  Magnus Hellgren,  Hannes Ullman
Lund University:TM
15:20    Session G1 - Open Innovation
15:20    Session G1 - Describing Knowledge Integration in Innovation Processes
Toshiro Kita and Masaki Ohtsuka
Doshisha University
15:40    Session G1 - Dynamic Open Innovation Model of Research and Development Management for Enterprise Globalization
Wu Li-Jen,  Tsai Chien-Tzu,  Chang Pao-Long
Feng Chia University
16:00    Session G1 - How Does Openness Affect Academic Production? Empirical Evidence from the National Key Laboratories of China
Ping Lv and Xielin Liu
Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
16:20    Session G1 - Innovation Networks: Exploring Inter-organizational Dynamics in Open Innovation Environments
Pablo Munoz and Lucy Lu
Newcastle University Business School
16:40    Session G1 - Research on Taiwanese Companies’ R&D; Strategies in the US and Mainland China by Quantitative Analysis
Katsuhiro Suzuki,  Junichi Sakata,  Jun Hosoya
Waseda University
15:20    Session G2 - Inventory Management
15:20    Session G2 - Optimizing Resource-constrained Multi-project Scheduling Problems (RCMPSP) Considering Cash Flow
Shu-Shun Liu and Chang-Jung Wang
National Yunlin University of Science and Technology
15:40    Session G2 - Lean Production and Business Efficiency: An Artificial Neural Network Analysis in Auto Parts Companies
Jose Antonio Arantes Salles1,  Luis Eugenio Carretero Diaz2,  Pablo Garcia Estévez2
16:00    Session G2 - Development of a Decision Support System for Inventory Analysis and Control
Numera Tahir and Muhammad Abbas Choudhary
National University of Science and Technology
16:20    Session G2 - An Integrated Modeling for Supplier Selection and Optimal Lot Sizing: A Case Study of Four-Echelon Supply Chain
Behin Elahi1,  Leila Etaati2,  Seyed-Mohammad Seyed-Hosseini1
1Iran University of Science and Technology, 2Islamic Azad University
15:20    Session G3 - Managing Change and Maintaining Organizational Performance
15:20    Session G3 - An Exploratory Study on Change Resistance Measurement
Joshua C. Chang
Chien-Kuo Technology University
15:40    Session G3 - Employee-Organization Relationship and Job Performance
Hsi-An Shih1,  Chu-Chun Hsu2,  Hui-Wen Tsay1
1, National Cheng Kung University, 2Southern Taiwan University
16:00    Session G3 - The Usage of Learning Journals in a Technology Management Education
Charlotta Johnsson,  Fredrik Nilsson,  Gudbjorg Erlingsdottir,  Carl-Henric Nilsson,  Goran Alsen
Lund University
16:20    Session G3 - Analysis of Influencing Factors on Doctor's Prescription Behavior in China
Weihui Dai1,  Huajuan Mao2,  Xiaohua Hu3,  Jiapeng Chai1
1School of Management, Fudan University, 2Changhai Hospital, Second Military Medical University, 3Eastern Hepatobiliary Surgery Hospital, Second Military Medical University
Thursday, June 30, 2018
8:40    Session H1 - IT Adoption
8:40    Session H1 - Technology Management in the Environment of Convergence and Disruptions
Jarmo Harno
Wipro Technologies
9:00    Session H1 - Analysis of Factors Affecting the Adoption of Smart-phones
Young Mo Kang,  Chanwoo Cho,  Sungjoo Lee
Ajou University
9:20    Session H1 - The Innovation Strategies of Government Agencies in Implementing Information Systems
Fang-Ming Hsu1,  Chiu-Tsu Fan2,  Yu-Tzeng Lin1,  Wen-Hsi Chang3
1National Dong Hwa University, 2Tungnan University, 3National Archives Administration
9:40    Session H1 - Inclusive Risk Governance Framework for Enterprise Application Implementations
James William Boswell1,  Saumyendu Ghosh2,  Miroslaw Skibniewski2,  Young Hoon Kwak3
1Integrity Applications Incorporated and George Washington University, 2University of Maryland, College Park, 3The George Washington University
10:00    Session H1 - An Empirical Study of the Adoption Dynamics of Beta Products in Co-creation
Saku J. Makinen,  Juho Kanniainen,  Ilkka Peltola
Tampere Uni. Technology
8:40    Session H2 - Project and Technology Issues in Supply Chains
8:40    Session H2 - Logistics Technology Transfer Process Model
Abdullah Al Hajri1 and Maruf Hasan2
1Sultan Qaboos University, 2University of New South Wales
9:00    Session H2 - An Exploratory Study of Supply Chain Management for Tertiary Educational Institutions
Assist. Prof. Dr. Md. Mamun Habib
American International University - Bangladesh (AIUB)
9:20    Session H2 - The AutoVenture Forum: Demonstrating a New Process for Managing Automotive Innovation
David Bodde1,  John Skardon1,  Ethan Byler2
1Clemson University, 2ASME
9:40    Session H2 - Supply Chain Performance Evaluation: A Case Study in a Company of Equipment for Refrigeration
Emílio Della Bruna Junior,  Leonardo Ensslin,  Sandra Rolim Ensslin
Department of Production Engineering, Federal University of Santa Catarina
10:00    Session H2 - Alignment of After-Sales Services with Measures to Improve Quality: A Case Study in a Major Auto Assembly Plant in Brazil
José Antonio Salles,  Alexandre Oliveira Dias,  Rosangela Vanalle
Nove de Julho University
8:40    Session H3 - Innovative Stratgies of Entrepreneurial Firms
8:40    Session H3 - The Framing of Entrepreneurship
Robert Zacca
United Arab Emirates University
9:00    Session H3 - A Piece of the Action: Lessons from Silicon Valley's First Semiconductor Enterprise
Stephen Adams
Salisbury University
9:20    Session H3 - How Can Executives/Entrepreneurs in Small to Medium Sized Software Enterprises Leverage Partnerships with Large Firms?
Kyootai Lee1 and Kailash Joshi2
1UNIST, 2University of Missouri-St.Louis
9:40    Session H3 - A Framework to Manage the Innovation Strategies of New technology Based Firms
Shirley Davey1,  Michael Brennan2,  Brian Meenan1,  Rodney McAdam1
1University of Ulster, 2Ulster Business School
10:00    Session H3 - Changing Entrepreneurial Strategies to Developing Capitalist Institutions: A Look at Chinese Technology Entrepreneurs
Charles Eesley1 and Delin Yang2
1Stanford University, 2Tsinghua University
10:40    Session J1 - Alternative Energy
10:40    Session J1 - An Inverse Innovation for Photovoltaic (PV) Industry
Mitsuyuki Maeda and Kinji Mori
Tokyo Institute of Technology
11:00    Session J1 - Dynamics of Innovation in Solar Cell Industry: Divergence of Solar Cell Technologies
Yukihiko Nakata
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
11:20    Session J1 - The Localization Process: Eliminating the Gap between Technology Transfer and Technology Localization
Leila Tahmooresnejad1,  Catherine Beaudry1,  Mohammad Ali Shafia2
1École Polytechnique de Montréal, 2Iran University Science and Technology
11:40    Session J1 - Bridging the Gaps in Industry Evolution: Solar Photovoltaic Industry
Gregory Theyel,  Glen Taylor,  Paul Heffernan
University of Cambridge
12:00    Session J1 - Striving for Business Excellence: Achieving "Energy Smartness" by Living It
Narayana Mandaleeka
Tata Consultancy Services, Ltd.
10:40    Session J2 - Strategic and Tactical Issues in SCM
11:00    Session J2 - Corporate Social Responsibility, Size, and ICT Firm Performance
Cheng Zhang1,  Xiaoya Liang2,  Gilbert Bock3,  Xiongwen Lu1
1Fudan University, 2Fudan Unversity, 3Sungkyunkwan University
11:20    Session J2 - A Dynamic Virtual Hub Location Problem in Airline Nnetworks: Formulation and Metaheuristic Solution Approaches
Ehsan Teymourian1,  Ali Sadeghi2,  Farzin Taghipourian Farzinloo1
1Mazandaran University of Science and Technology, 2Amirkabir University of Technology
11:40    Session J2 - Finding Business Partners and Building Reciprocal Relathionships – A Machine Learning Approach
Junichiro MORI,  Yuya KAJIKAWA,  Hisashi KASHIMA
The University of Tokyo
12:00    Session J2 - Case Study: Collaboration of Premier Foods and British Sugar on the way to CIPS 2010 Best Supplier Relationship Management Award
Elcin Erkin
University of Strathclyde, Glasgow