IEEE International Technology Management Conference (ITMC) - 2018

June 27-30, 2018     Hilton Hotel     San Jose, CA USA

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ITMC Paper Submission Instructions

Paper Acceptance notices were sent out the week of March 1st.   If you didn't hear yet, please contact the technical program committee chairs at [email protected].
The Advance Program should be available on March 30th. We will post it on our website and send an email to the ITMC Dlist advising you that it is now available for circulation.

The server website for submission of Final Papers will open on March 7th. Please access it at:

Please note the following important dates:


Paper Due
April 15, 2018
Author Registration Due * April 15, 2018
* -- If you require a Letter of Invitation, please register by March 20th and request your letter (details below)   Papers without a registered and attending author/presentor will be withdrawn on April 16th. A speaker can give no more than two papers at ITMC.
Conference June 27-30, 2018

Applying for a USA Visa

  • For authors travelling from outside the USA, you likely need to obtain a visa from the USA consulate or embassy in your own country
  • To assist you, we can provide a Letter of Invitation. Please request this early in March, since it can take 2 or 3 months for your embassy to review your application and grant an approval.
  • Please send an email to Michael Condry, Intel Corp, who is ITMC General Chair, with the following information:
    Your name; your organization (company, university); your business mailing address and city; your business phone; and the title of your paper(s).
    We will address the letter to "To Whom It May Concern" unless you give us the name of an organization or person.
  • Co-authors are welcome to register, and to receive a Letter of Invitation.
  • You will receive a PDF of a formal Letter of Invitation, suitable to submit to the embassy.

    Those travelling from outside the USA and belonging to a visa waiver program (VWP) participating country may not need to apply for a visa. Instead, please complete the ESTA online application and receive authorization for travel to the USA. Website:

Submission of Final Papers

  • Please reconcile the review comments and update your manuscript. You may wish to rewrite certain sections for greater clarity, add endnotes (references), etc.
  • You should use our WORD template for your final paper (or an equivalent LaTeX layout). You may download these two files:
  • Our Format Spec (PDF), showing column widths, text sizes, etc.
  • Our WORD template file (.doc) , for access to ITMC Styles and instructions.
STEPS for Submission
  • Visit and log in with your email address and pass code. Note that your browser must have Javascript enabled in order to use the paper submission system.
  • Select ""
  • Browse for the file that contains your finished manuscript. We prefer to receive a PDF of your paper, as well as the Word Processor (.doc) file.
  • If, at a later time, you have corrections or updates, please repeat this process; your new version will replace the older one on our server.
  • The IEEE's e-Copyright system is in the process of being implemented for ITMC. When it is active, you will receive instructions to log into our submission site, select "submit copyright", and complete the on-line process. (Expected to be active by March 15.)
Notes about Paper Content, Indexing
    How does IEEE Copyright work?
    -- IEEE will hold the copyright to your ITMC paper, and it will be placed in their Xplore system. You should not have already presented/published the SAME paper, copyrighted by another entity.
    -- You cannot present the paper and then decline to place the paper in Xplore; we require an executed Copyright form, and we wish to place the paper in the IEEE's world-wide research database.
    -- IEEE gives very liberal reprint rights to the author. However, the paper should be changed/updated/restructured before it is copyrighted by a future entity (including the IEEE).
    -- If you want to REPRINT the paper in a magazine, compendium, etc, then you may ask the IEEE Copyrights Manager for permission, which is usually granted. The Magazine will be asked to add a footnote indicating that the material is copyrighted by the IEEE and is used with permission. There is usually no cost involved.

    Where will ITMC papers be indexed?
    -- Papers which are accepted and presented at the conference will be placed into IEEE's Xplore/IEL database and indexed in INSPEC, Elsevierís Ei index, and ISI/Thomson Reuters' SCI, SSCI and ISTP services. In addition, the metadata and full text will be indexed by Google, Google Scholar, and Scitopia.

Initial Paper Submission Instructions
    If you need to refer to the initial instructions posted here regarding submission of papers, select this link.